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VinAudit’s Yukon Victory: Why Vehicle Accident Data Matters

Car accidents significantly impact used car purchases, with VinAudit playing a pivotal role in providing reliable vehicle history reports for consumers in countries like the US and Canada. The prevalence of accidents prompts a critical evaluation of a car’s past, influencing factors such as safety, potential repairs, and overall reliability. Clean history cars command higher […]

Free Bill Of Sale Template

A vehicle bill of sale is a legal document given by the seller to the buyer. It reports that on a specific date, at a specific locality and for a particular sum of money the seller sold to the purchaser a specific vehicle of which he had lawful possession. It is a written instrument proving […]

How To Avoid Odometer Fraud

Odometers are often rolled back so the seller can make more money. Cars with low mileage are priced higher. Omit 35000-40000 miles and it will artificially inflate the value to about $2500 to $3000. Digital odometers were supposed to make it hard for criminals to tamper with them, but they still managed to find a […]

How To Spot Phony Airbags When Buying A Used Car

When a vehicle has a salvaged title or has been in an accident, the airbag may have already been deployed. Even if it remained undeployed, the airbag system may still have been damaged by the crash. Air bags are very expensive to replace. It will cost thousands of dollars to install a working replacement, so […]

What Is A Certified Used Car?

Certified cars, also known as “CPO” (certified pre-owned) have become an affordable alternative to new cars. These are vehicles that have been inspected and certified by a manufacturer or another certifying authority. They have an extended warranty, special financing and additional benefits. These cars are not more than 6 years old and have low-mileage. They […]

How To Save On Auto Loans

  Lots of people are intimidated by the thought of buying a car and getting it financed. They find it confusing and a lot of times they are afraid because of the horror stories that they hear around them. Most of those stories are true. Lots of times dealerships can take advantage of you when […]

How To Test Drive A Used Car

Taking the car for a test drive before committing to buy it, is very important. This is your opportunity to experience everything that the vehicle has to offer. It will help you determine how the car performs under different road conditions. You take it out for a test drive to make sure everything’s in good […]

Buying A Used Car: Pre Purchase Inspection Guide

Inspecting the car will help you determine the existing condition as well as highlight potential issues that could arise in the future. By finding out what’s happening underneath, you’ll either feel more confident that you’re making a great investment or you’ll discover that there are hidden flaws that could give you more leverage for negotiations. […]

Tips For Buying A Used Car Online

Buying a used car online is an option for people who does not have the time to go car lot hopping and an alternative for those who got tired of dealing with the traditional salesman. Some find it more convenient since you can easily narrow your search down according to your targeted model and allotted […]