Beware of Fraudulent VinAudit Vehicle History Report Providers!

It has come to our attention that scammers are utilizing variations or similarities of our business name in attempts to deceive and defraud individuals. We want to alert you to this deceptive activity and emphasize that these scammers are not affiliated with our legitimate business in any way.

To protect yourself from fraud or scams, exercise caution when accessing VinAudit reports online and verify the authenticity of the website. Avoid providing sensitive information upfront, particularly before verifying report details through legitimate channels. VinAudit never asks for sensitive information via unsolicited emails, messages, or phone calls. Verify the legitimacy of a website by checking for clear contact information and confirming its association with VinAudit.

If you encounter any suspicious activity or believe you have been targeted by scammers using our business name, we encourage you to report it immediately via email to [email protected]. Your safety and security are our top priorities, and we appreciate your vigilance in helping us combat fraudulent activity.

We appreciate your continued trust and cooperation in these matters, as it ensures that the used car market remains a safe environment for all.

Websites with Suspicious or Fraudulent Activities, using a variation of the VinAudit brand name, attracts potential clients to its page. However, it’s important to note that this site is not affiliated with VinAudit nor is it an authorized sales partner to offer VinAudit car history reports. Recently, a used car seller reported an incident involving a scammer posing as a buyer who directed them to for a comprehensive vehicle check. Another fraudulent buyer directed the seller to Both websites were found to use a payment system originating from Pakistan, resulting in charges amounting to thousands of dollars on the seller’s credit card. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that the prices for the car reports on these fraudulent sites are grossly overpriced compared to the legitimate VinAudit reports.

Below is feedback from a customer who was deceived by this website, which he shared on the Trustpilot page

A quick review of this website shows a remarkable resemblance to in terms of layout, design, and content. It incorrectly asserts a partnership with an unspecified authorized NMVTIS data provider, similar to The Customer Testimonial section at the bottom of the main page mirrors the Customer Reviews on, with slight modifications. The presentation of its package offerings, including the misspelled “Silver,” further highlights its imitation. Due to these significant similarities and deceptive claims, we are flagging this website.

vehiclevincheckup This website is a copycat of VinAudit, as evidenced by its similar website design and the inclusion of VinAudit-related content. Despite its attempt to emulate VinAudit, this platform lacks authenticity and reliability. Moreover, it falsely claims to be an NMVTIS-approved provider, misleading visitors into believing it offers legitimate vehicle history reports. Additionally, some of the website’s features, such as clickable tabs like the Facebook page, fail to redirect visitors to the company’s official social media accounts as contact options. This discrepancy further raises doubts about the platform’s credibility and legitimacy.

While may not be directly imitating VinAudit, certain aspects of its content raise concerns about its legitimacy. The website makes inconsistent and misleading claims, such as portraying itself as an NMVTIS-approved provider and offering services in British Columbia. Additionally, testimonials on the site reference instead of its platform, and in its FAQ section, it identifies itself as EpicVIN, another service provider. These inconsistencies are red flags indicating that the site may not be trustworthy and could potentially be used to gather personal or financial information or provide fake reports. There is a possibility that it has already interacted with individuals interested in VinAudit, or it may be only a matter of time before it targets those seeking reliable report sources like VinAudit.

Protecting Yourself from Fraudulent Vehicle History Providers

How Fraudulent Sites Attract and Engage Potential Victims

Here are some of the reported modus operandi of scammers to lure visitors to their websites:

Fake Buyer Scams Targeting Sellers: This scheme involves scammers who pretend to be buyers and ask for vehicle reports from sellers and guide them to fake websites. If a fraudulent buyer provides an affiliate link to purchase a VinAudit report, report it immediately to [email protected] and forward the suspicious link or purchase request. Remember, while you can obtain genuine VinAudit reports through official means, VinAudit does not condone or engage in soliciting sellers through fake buyer personas.

Impersonation on Online Marketplaces: Scammers create fake profiles on online marketplaces, posing as legitimate sellers of vehicle history reports from platforms like VinAudit.

Social Engineering Tactics: Involves fake social media accounts or online forums, to promote fraudulent services. They may engage in deceptive practices, such as posting fake reviews or testimonials, to build credibility and lure unsuspecting consumers into their scams.

Advertisements: Includes pop-ups or banners that prominently display the brand’s logo, name, or images, promising free or heavily discounted vehicle history reports to entice consumers.

Email Campaigns: Scammers employ mass email campaigns, featuring the brand’s logo, name, or images, and falsely claiming to provide exclusive deals on vehicle history reports. These deceptive emails direct recipients to their fraudulent websites.

Once they have the consumers’ attention and engagement, the fraudulent sites exploit their trust and naivety to obtain personal information or payments under pretenses, exposing them to various risks, including identity theft, financial fraud, and privacy breaches.

Watch Out for These Red Flags of Potential Fraud

Be alert for these fraud indicators on sites claiming to be VinAudit or other providers:

Website Anomalies: Authentic-looking sites might have inconsistencies, typos, or errors. Beware of URL variations or the misuse of “vinaudit” in the domain name.

Personal Information Requests: Be cautious of sites asking for excessive personal details upfront, especially sensitive information like Social Security or credit card numbers.

Lack of Contact Information: Fake sites often lack clear contact details such as phone numbers and addresses, unlike legitimate businesses.

By remaining vigilant and mindful of these warning signs, you can safeguard yourself against fraudulent VinAudit sites and ensure that you obtain accurate and reliable vehicle history reports from trusted sources.

Dealing with Fake Vehicle History Sites

If you encounter a website impersonating VinAudit or fall victim to a scam, immediately halt all interactions with the site and avoid sharing further information. Vigilantly monitor your financial accounts for any unauthorized transactions and report the incident to [email protected] and the relevant authorities to help prevent future scams. Consider seeking legal advice if you suffer financial losses. Staying informed and cautious is key to protecting yourself from fraudulent vehicle history report activities.